BAOKU Culture

Since its establishment in 2012, BAOKU Culture has been valuing innovation and craftsmanship. We provide safe and private safe deposit box service, promote traditional culture, plan and operate culture space for buildings, and shape an online-merging-offline service mode. BAOKU Culture is committed to delivering a full culture service scope, from safe deposit box service to culture experience.

The mission of BAOKU Culture is to satisfy the people’s sense of security and enhance their sense of happiness.


Baoku in Landmark is anchored in the city landmarks and complemented the private vault, the art center and the museum, constituting a cultural eco-system that sets the benchmark for the emerging industry. Located in Shanghai Tower,the first Baoku in Landmark project comprises Baoku Private Vault, Baoku Art Center, Baoku Jiangxin Art Center and Shanghai Guanfu Museum, which is the benchmark project for domestic investigation and the must-visit place for international exchange. In addition,other projects have been completed or are in preparation for construction.


Baoku Space is the supporting infrastructure of new humanity community, which combines the community vaults and Baoku Space. Based on the professional technology and various cultural resources,Baoku Space provides cultural contents and takes safe and culture to everyone. So far, many projects have been completed and put into use in Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming and other places. In the future, there will be more projects throughout the country.



Name : Wang Yihua
Phone number : 13917590755

BAOKU Art Center

Inheriting non-material cultural heritages to pay honor to modern humanism

BAOKU Culture views herself as a successor and disseminator of traditional culture. Thus we are committed to inherit and promote the cultural essence of diverse civilizations in history. The construction of Shanghai Tower program adopted traditional drafts to the greatest extent. In this way, humanistic spirits of different times consequently coexist and articulate themselves in Shanghai Tower.

Half Garden: The World’s Highest Floors of Indoor Chinese Garden

Perched mid-air, Half Garden, an indoor Chinese garden, sets the world record for its breath- taking elevation. An intriguing path meanders through a view that is straight out of Song-Dy- nasty paintings, beautifully set off by artificial waterfalls, a gold-lined wooden pavilion, Wukang bricks based on Ming and Qing Dynasty designs, thousand-year-old Chinese wisteria, and alpine rhododendron. Here, oriental beauty and modern skyscraper became one.

Enamel Gallery: “The world’s largest enamel floor ”by Guinness World Records

The cloisonné floor in the Enamel Gallery is a bold innovation based on traditional techniques. 134 craftsmen spent 321,681 hours assembling 1,789,653 bronze filigrees and 1,379 enamel cloisonné pieces into a seamless work of art. Soul-searching is triggered by innovative art. The concept of saṃsāra is embodied in the evolution of fish totems in Chinese culture, as seen on the enamel floor.

The Olive Plaza

Designed by renowned Dutch architect Alfonso Wolbert, the Olive Plaza pays tribute to the eight lost civilizations in human history through totem poles and inscribed words and symbols, a poignant reminder that cultural heritage, in constant danger of perishing, is to be treasured.

Baoku Jiangxin Art Center

A platform for Chinese Crafts and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Baoku Jiangxin Art Center is aimed to create the craftsman culture brand and the highland of industrial brand.

 Baoku Jiangxin Art Center consists of the Craftmanship Museum and the Master Space. It gathers 300 top Chinese contemporary artists ‘masterpieces, which show the beauty of traditional Chinese craftworks. Moreover, customers can communicate with masters in the tea house and participate in the auction in the multifunctional hall. It also satisfied customers’ needs for high-end collection.

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

A private classical art museum in the air

Shanghai Guanfu Museum comprises four permanent exhibition galleries, including Chinese Ceramics Gallery, East and West Gallery, Gold Ware Gallery, Buddhist Statue Gallery and one temporary exhibition gallery, thus providing visitors with a feast of Chinese ancient civilization.

Based on Chinese tradition, Shanghai Guanfu Museum strives to build professional exhibitions of high grade. Focusing on dialogue between history and individual, the museum has an elegant and genial atmosphere that highlights the tenderness of traditional culture. And with advanced facilities, Shanghai Guanfu Museum wants to offer the most comfortable services to every visitor.

Baoku Private Vaults

Shanghai Tower • UL certified • Exclusive Security Vaults

The only UL-certified third-party safe deposit box service provider outside the US, Baoku Private Vaults is equipped with internationally safekeeping technology and provides exclusive deposit box services to the most stringent international security and technical standards. It serves art center and museum as well as the need of Lujiazui financial hub for its derivative business, business document archiving, private wealth management, in addition to the safekeeping need of art collectors and art-collecting institutions.

24/7 security, surveillance and environmental monitoring to guarantee safekeeping of valuables.

Hong Kong International Airport: Baoku Private Vaults · Hong Kong Airport

Baoku Private Vaults • Hong Kong Airport is located inside Regal Airport Hotel, two minutes’ walk on a direct pedestrian access to the airport. A mere kilometer away from Asia World-Expo, it enjoys incomparable location and convenient transportation.

Equipped with smart safekeeping devices and bio-technological security, the vault provides flexible safe deposit box rental services and a smartphone APP for information management.

Program coming soon

Shanghai • Kunming • Shenzhen

Baoku in Shenzhen Sea World: A Showcase of Traditional Chinese Crafts to the Modern Design
Open in 2019

Located in Shenzhen,city of design,the Sea World Culture and Art Center occupies around 26,000 m with a total construction area of 45,000 m . Designed by Fumihiko Maki, the center will be a complex comprising an art museum, boutiques, a small theater, a gallery and an ocean-view conference hall.

BAOKU Culture has also been invited to integrate Shenzhen Guanfu Museum and Baoku Private Vaults into the Culture and Art Center. Shenzhen Guanfu Museum and Baoku Private Vaults will neighbor Victoria & Albert Museum from the UK, the world’s lending art and design museum.

Through its interpretation of their cultural relevance to China’s modern design and creative industry, Shenzhen Guanfu Museum aims to deliver knowledge, entertainment and education to the general public, professionals, as well as children.

Baoku Private Vaults will cater to the safekeeping needs of Shenzhen Guanfu Museum while offering safe deposit space meeting the international security standards to individuals, families and businesses.

Shanghai U Center: A Family-driven One-stop Destination for Culture

Open in 2019

Shanghai U Center is a one-stop destination for culture.

Comprising a housing history museum, a bookplate museum, an art center, a youth center, and Baoku Private Vaults, Shanghai U Center will be built into a family-driven cultural destination. Family is an integral element of the Chinese DNA. BAOKU Culture will be echoing this ethos through the unique positioning of the museums.

The bookplate museum, the children’s museum, and Baoku Private Vaults will complete the family consumption-driv- en Shanghai U Center project.

Eye of Spring Project: The service industry platform of the modern city

Open in 2020

Eye of Spring located in the Kunming Province’s central area. Its height will be more than 400 meters which will refresh the record of the highest tower in Kunming. BAOKU Culture will use the successful experience in empowering landmarks to make Eye of Spring become a lighthouse of the new time and a growing platform of the new industry.

In the future, BAOKU Culture will build cultural venues (national architecture museum & tea museum) and the diverse cultural and creative industry spaces(special national cultural industry blocks & high-end art customization space)for Eye of Spring. Moreover, through the integration of art resources and the holding of exhibitions, performances and other cultural activities, Baoku will help it to become the incubation platform of cultural IP.

In addition, the professional third-party private vault service brand – Baoku private vaults will also enter the Eye of spring, realizing the multifunctional matching of the city landmark.

Community Vault

Community vaults keep your life safe

Community Vault Convenient safekeeping is made possible by 24/7 self-help safe deposit box services.
The community vault is built applying UL standards, the international standards for safekeeping equipment and technology. The German automatic safe deposit box system guarantees accurate delivery from storage to pickup. The vault features sensitive air conditioning to control both temperature and humidity, and security and privacy are maximized by a sophisti- cated security-monitoring platform that includes 3D facial recognition, dual-mode surveillance, multiple entrance guards, gaseous fire suppression.

Art Space

Culture&art within your walking distince

Art Space is a platform furnishing communities with culture and art themed activities, ranging from art exhibition, cultural exchange, cultural experience to art education and embodies a brand-new cultural delivery. Art Space easily converts from a professional exhibition gallery to an activity salon or other functions through a simple re-configuration of lights, screens, booths and furniture.

Capitalizing on resources afforded by Baoku in Landmark, resources are shared across the diverse Baoku operations nationwide.

Exhibitions and activities cater to different age groups. These include art education for children, art classes, creative experience and personal galleries, brought in from outside the community, as well as community-initiated personal art space, community exchange and members-only art classes. The goal is to create a multi-level and multi-dimensional functional platform for culture and arts through integration and interaction across different locations, so as to enrich life in premium communities.

Programe Overview

Talking safety and culture to everyone

First Baoku in Community Project Star River·Baoku Space

BAOKU Culture cooperates with Star River Group to build a high-end storage and culture service community. Star River • Baoku Space follows the construction and operation standard of Baoku in landmark projects and delivers the commu- nity vaults, cultural and art exhibitions to community members. Comprising community vault and Baoku Space, it caters to the public’s need for safekeeping and cultural services.China’s famous culture scholar Weidu Ma curated the first exhibition “Cute Pets from different dynasties“ for Star River • Baoku Space. It is the first time that the museum collections exhibit on a community art space, trying to build a cultural community, a safe home.

COFOCO Baoku & Space

The COFOCO•Landmark is a grand 5A international office building which is built with rich cultural deposits. It is located in the downtown area of Beijing and on the city cultural central axis which benefits from the dragon vein. The COFOCO Baoku & Space adds the innovative concept of safe storage and culture to the basic of the core business function. The COFOCO Baoku & Space will help the COFOCO • Landmark to build a business card of the imperial city and become a new business model for the integration of ecology, intelligence, culture and security.

Ecological Peninsula • Baoku Space

The Junfa Ecological Peninsula is the largest urban operational development project in Kunming, which covers a total area of 6700 mu. It is located at the heart of the tourism and vacation belt of Dianchi Lake. It integrates various cultural resourc- es. Ecological Peninsula• Baoku Space is BAOKU Culture’s first Community Vault Project which is built and put into use in Western China. It brings the compound space of“automatic vaults + art space” to Kunming. This is the symbol of Baoku to move from the landmark to the community and also marks the new era of real estate service.