As an Innovative Culture Supplier, the core behind BAOKU China’s growth lies in culture. Based on the medium of architecture and internet, we keep shaping our culture ecosystem into an innovative blend of culture experience and consumption.


Our programs are based on five new demands:

Meeting the reality, BAOKU China accordingly created an innovative business model of injecting capital into museum and art center but also ensuring enterprise's benign operation.Behind the model innovation is our pursuit of quality and detail. Led by the enterprise of craftsmanship, we promise that every program of BAOKU China will give audiences a sense of cultural pleasure.




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BAOKU Art Center

Fusion of Eastern and Western Cultures

BAOKU Art Center views herself as a successor and disseminator of traditional culture, and thus we are committed to inherit and promote the cultural essence of diverse civilizations in history. Therefore the construction of Shanghai Tower program adopted traditional drafts to the greatest extent. In this way, humanistic spirits of different times thus coexist and articulate themselves in Shanghai Tower.

Half Garden

The Half Garden presents a classical Jiangnan Style landscaping by combining architecture, rocks, water and gardening together, which generates an ambience in paintings of Song Dynasty. And it is a pioneer in architecture history to infuse oriental aesthetic ideas of gardening into a modern skyscraper.

Olive Plaza

The Olive Plaza, designed by the famous Dutch architect Alfonso Wolbert, is intended to represent eight lost western civilizations by means of totem poles and inscription of symbols. And it is reminder for people to treasure the fading cultural heritages.

Enamel Gallery
Enamel floor

The Enamel Gallery is a place where exhibitions and events are held.The Guinness-word-record-wining enamel floor is a bold innovation in technique and craftsmanship. 134 craftsmen spent 321681 hours in assembling 1379 enamel pieces into seamless entity by embedding more than 1.78 million bronze filigrees.

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

A feast of Chinese ancient civilization

Shanghai Guanfu Museum comprises one temporary exhibition gallery and four permanent exhibition galleries, including Chinese Ceramics Gallery, East and West Gallery, Gold Ware Gallery, and Buddhist Statue Gallery, thus providing visitors with a feast of Chinese ancient civilization.

Based on Chinese tradition, Shanghai Guanfu Museum strives to build professional exhibitions of high grade. Focusing on dialogue between history and individual, the museum has an elegant and genial atmosphere that highlights the tenderness of traditional culture. And with advanced facilities, Shanghai Guanfu Museum wants to offer the most comfortable services to every visitor.

Chinese Ceramics Gallery
East and West Gallery
Gold Ware Gallery
Buddhist Statue Gallery

BAOKU Treasury

The first third-party storage service supplier certified by UL outside the US

BAOKU Treasury is the first third-party storage service supplier certified by UL outside the US. To meet the storage demands of the BAOKU Art Center and the Shanghai Guanfu Museum, BAOKU Treasury brings the international advanced storage technology to Shanghai, and further offers the leading storage services to construction of derivative infrastructure in financial center, archiving of business documents, management of household wealth, and collection of collectors and art institutions, which consequently remarks a new idea of lifestyle is landing in Shanghai.

With 24-7 security guard, surveillance and environmental monitoring, BAOKU Treasury will keep your treasured objects saved professionally.


Neighboring vault and next-door art space

BAOKU Space consists of two parts: Community Vault and BAOKU Art.

The Community Vault is a self-help storage project in community providing 24-7 services.

The Community Vault meets American UL standard which is an international standardized surveillance and environmental monitoring certification system. All automatic deposit boxes are made in Germany, which is a guarantee of accurate transmission from storage to pick up doors. The Community Vault is equipped with sensitive air conditioning to control both temperature and humidity. Besides, the vault is armed with advanced security and protection system including 3D facial biometric recognition, double-tracked surveillance system, interlocks, keyboard instruction with card reader, gas extinction, swiping card access control and so forth, which maximize the privacy and security of storing and receiving process.

BAOKU Art will be a functional fusion of art exhibition, cultural exchange, cultural experience and public education,in order to build a platform for culture and art activities in community, which further will lead to a ‘new cultural’ lifestyle. BAOKU Art is going to adopt standardized facilities and movable light, screen, exhibition booth and furniture. As a consequence, the space will be able to switch from professional exhibition gallery to activity salon flexibly.

Relying on BAOKU in landmarks and other domestic and overseas art resources, BAOKU Space will make those resources flow.

The exhibitions and activities will cover different age groups. On the one hand, BAOKU Art will have imported art exhibition, art classes, and creative open courses. On the other hand, BAOKU Art will also have own personal galleries, community activities, membership public classes. BAOKU Art will build a multi-dimensional platform of art and culture through external and internal resource and regional interaction to provide high-end community residents with a multi-dimensional culture experience.

Effect drawing of BAOKU Art
Effect drawing of Community Vault

BAOKU in Landmarks

— — U Center, Shanghai & Sea World, Shenzhen

BAOKU in Landmarks— — U Center, Shanghai

BAOKU China positions U Center as a one-stop consumption terminal. Taking museum as platform and targeting educational consumption, Xujiahui program is designed as a consumption place of family cultural activity.

U Center will become a cultural building complex with a core of ‘Family Motivation’ by combining a housing history museum, a bookplates museum, an art center, a youth center and the BAOKU Treasury. The family attachments and sense of family give the word ‘home’ a very high status in Chinese culture. Hence BAOKU positions museum of U center as an expression of Chinese culture through home culture. In addition, the cultural communication behind bookplate, the establishment of youth center, and the setting up of BAOKU Treasury, a family oriented vault, will all finally lead U Center to a household consumption program.

Effect drawing of Shanghai U Center

BAOKU in Landmarks— —Shenzhen Sea World

Shenzhen Guanfu Museum and BAOKU Treasury will also enter Culture and Art Center, the core area of the Shenzhen Sea Word. Covering 26000 square meters, the total building area of Culture and Art Center is up to 45000 square meters. And designed by famous architect Wenyan Zhen, Culture and Art Center is built as building complex including Victoria and Albert Museum, Shekou Design Museum, brand shops, theatres, galleries and a coastal press conference room.

Effect drawing of Shenzhen Sea World